We were approached by a team of investors who were looking to create a brand for their on-line cannabis store. One was a producer and the others were doctors who currently have a successful online store catering to a different industry. They had chosen a name that was clearly encroaching on a major online brand and needed assistance with researching, creating and trademarking a unique and viable brand name.

Together with our experienced Trademark Agent, who works in the Y5 office, we helped them create their brand name and begin the trademarking process.

We began the branding process after a discovery session that highlighted all their wants and needs.

The result was a brand that projects organic, trust, honesty, quality freshness and playfulness which are all the qualities that the VG team were after.

The use of a silhouette of BC’s mountains, brings a connection back to the BC-based company and a solid element to the look and feel of the brand instilling pride in Vancouver and the products they sell. This was very important for our clients from the start.

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