A young, edgy, couple came to Y5 with an idea to create a cannabis brand that represented both male and female traits but was totally unconventional and unlike any other brand. The name Pistol and Paris was top of mind and they needed assistance to turn it into a brand that would stand apart from the crowd and maintain an element of class.

By researching and referencing Paris and Pistols in the 18th – 19th centuries, (considered to be the time in which Paris found its style), we were able to identify the flourishes and intriguing elements that gave them both character. We used this valuable information to create our design of the brand and website.

We created a brand and e-commerce website that communicates all the values that our clients wanted to exemplify. The result is a brand that is safe, reliable, professional, high quality, sustainable and classy. The founders of Pistol and Paris have since sold their brand and the website will be re-launched by the new owners in the near future.

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